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SpaSens Aroma Diffuser & Music Cube

  • Bring a breath of elegance into your home with this sleek, futuristic cube diffuser
  • Experiencing dry skin? This diffuser also works as a humidifier, improving the quality of your home’s air
  • Want to treat tiredness, anxiety, depression, and many other conditions naturally? Place all-natural essential oil in the diffuser and you can treat a large variety of issues without having to take drugs!
  • Tired of diffusers with constant buzzing that are supposed to HELP you sleep? Those days are over! This diffuser is silent and MORE: you can play your own music if you pair your phone with Bluetooth! The future!
  • Bonus: also has preset relaxing instrumentals that will sooth you as you sleep

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  • Relax. Play your favourite songs by pairing the cube with your smartphone through Bluetooth! Or select any of the preset tunes to help you fall asleep, or make doing chores around your house a little brighter
  • Purify. Combine with essential oil of choice to relieve stress or wind down after a hard day. Freshen the air in your home and leave it smelling like a garden... or a beach... whatever you'd like
  • Humidify. Add moisture to the air with the adjustable mist that is cool and fresh. Perfect for a summer day


  • The cube handsomely emits super-fine cool mist as you press and point the remote. It is elegantly simple and easy to use.
  • It is ultra-quiet and power saving. Mist ejects silently so you need not worry about any buzzing as you slip into your slumber.


  • The cube doubles as an air diffuser AND as a speaker!
  • Pair the cube with a Bluetooth enabled device; such as your smartphone, laptop, or mp3 player. 
  • Play your favourite songs throughout your home and enjoy your personal playlists all day as they resound from the cube. Control the volume with your device
  • Also comes with a library of preset relaxing tunes that you can choose from according to your mood


  • Essential oils are known to prevent and reduce the effect of allergies. The diffuser is the ultimate appliance to effectively spread the aroma of oils into your surrounding environment. 
  • Perfect for those irritating summer allergies, give natural Aromatherapy a go.


  • Stop spending a fortune on replacing your diffuser every couple months. This one uses dry water protection technology meaning the automated parts of the machine are protected and that bacteria is prevented from growing when the diffuser is not in use.
  • This makes it durable, longer-lasting, and easy to clean.
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NOW ONLY $79.00