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Fyola Facial / Body Brush - Get A Smoother, Softer, and more Radiant-Looking Skin

How. many times have you looked in the mirror and wished your skin was different? Maybe you wanted it to be softer, have a more even tone, look smoother, be tighter, or look brighter. If so, you're not alone.

Many have the same wants and desires as you, to have skin that they're proud of and content with, that makes their partner want to reach out and stroke their cheek. Everything from stress to smoking to environmental factors can contribute in having skin that looks dull and lifeless, but I have great news for you. You can have the beautiful skin you want now.

  • More effective deep cleansing & removal of impurities
  • Softer, smoother & clearer looking skin tone
  • Firmer & tighter feeling skin texture
  • Gentle exfoliate of dry skin for silkier legs & arms
  • Can help reduce razor burn and irritation from hair removal
  • Enhances absorption of regular skin products (incl. SPF)
  • Regular use can help increase collagen levels in skin cells

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Quick Overview

Your Facial Skin is One of the First Things People See

Forget about walking around being unhappy about the way your skin looks. Your face is the first thing people see when they look at you, so of course you want to make a great impression and look your best. You deserve to feel beautiful in every way from your head to your feet, and with the FYOLA Daily Skin Cleansing & Toning System for Face & Body, you can. Are you ready to have the best looking skin you've ever had?


While the system itself is fantastic, what you're really getting is
flawless skin
and the ability to make everyone jealous.

Think about it. Who do you know who likes having bad skin? Everyone wants flawless skin, but not everyone will have it – except you of course, and that's because you used the FYOLA Daily Skin Cleansing & Toning System for Face & Body. Expect the stares and the compliments, because they will happen, and everyone will want to know what you've been doing differently. Tell them or don't, but in the meantime it will be one of your best beauty secrets of which no one else has to know.


Top Five Reasons to Use FYOLA Facial Brush:

1.      Cleans your face

2.      Relaxes you after a hard day

3.      Lets you wash not only your face, but also your body

4.      Is gentle for sensitive skin

5.      It's cost effective

How is the FYOLA Daily Skin Cleansing & Toning System for Face & Body Different from all the other systems out there
who claim that they'll improve the look of your skin?

 The primary way is that this system actually does the job it claims to do, and all for a price that's budget-friendly. It's also simple to use, after all, do you really have an exorbitant amount of time to devote to beauty care when you can have the same results in minutes?


  1. Increase collagen levels using active electromagnetic technology
  2. Diminishes the visibility of pores and wrinkles
  3. Improves blood circulation
  4. Makes your skin appear tighter, smoother, and softer.
  5. Allows you to cleanse your skin 6 times better than if you were using standard methods.
  6. Allows the absorption capacity of your skin to increase by 61 percent

Which means any moisturizers and serums you use will be able to absorb better and have more of an impact than ever before, thereby improving the look and feel of your skin even more.

This Brush Is Not Just For Facial Cleansing, But Also For Your Entire Body

Most skin brushes out there are great, with one minor...actually huge problem: you can only use them on your face. Right, but what about the rest of your body? You've got skin there too, don't you? In fact, that skin might be in a worse condition than your facial one. Many people suffer from body acne, particularly back acne, and this can get quite frustrating.

Well, here's the perfect solution: this brush! It comes with a second head, which you can use to clean your entire body

 ...And If Your Facial Skin is Sensitive, No Worries!

The good news is that this brush is perfect for you, even if you have skin sensitivity. You can select the mode that was designed especially for sensitive skin like yours. This mode was made to clean your skin gently, without harming it. However, you don't have to worry about having to lose effectiveness when using the brush on this mode, because it will still do an incredible job.


Don't Worry about It Running Low on Battery

Probably one of the most frustrating things about electronic devices is that their batteries die, and sometimes, they do so incredibly fast. This is one of the reasons many people avoid using them as much as possible, especially when it comes to cleaning. Just imagine: trying to wash, and having the product die on the spot. Not fun, not fun.

Luckily, this isn't the kind of thing you'll have to experience with this device, because it has a built-in indicator, which lets you know whether you've still got battery left. This way, you'll never have to deal with your brush dying on you.

Let's get to work with FYOLA Facial and Body Cleansing Brush

It really couldn't get much easier to have beautiful skin then by using the FYOLA Daily Skin Cleansing & Toning System for Face & Body. You start out by using the system for only one minute twice a day for the first three days just to get your skin used to it, then you can up your time to two minutes.

Pair your regular cleanser with the active clean brush head for your face, then change it out for the body cleanse brush head for the rest of your body. It's that simple to have incredible skin with a noticeable difference in just the first 7 days.

What Are You Getting From Fyola Facial and Body Cleansing Brush?

With your purchase of the FYOLA Daily Skin Cleansing & Toning System for Face & Body, you'll receive

  • 4 speed magnitone pulsar brush
  • Facial cleaning brush head
  • Body cleanse brush head
  • Magnetic rechargeable stand unit
  • AC/DC charge adapter.

Additional sensitive brush head are sold separately.

Still Not Convinced?
Find out for yourself with our 45-Day Easy Money Back Guarantee

There's so many reasons to adore the Fyola Daily Skin Cleansing & Toning System for Face & Body, but words are just that...words. Now for the action. It's time to find out for yourself just how great this system is. We stand behind our product because we're that convinced you're going to love it as much as we do. Isn't it time you had the beautiful skin you always desired?

If you're ready to get your skin perfectly clean, and to say goodbye to your acne, this brush is just what you've been looking for!

So, what are you waiting for? Get it today and start on your journey for a clean and beautiful skin!


Replacement heads for Fyola Facial / Body brush are available here

NOW ONLY $49.00


  • Weight: 1 lbs + 9 oz
  • AC Adapter/ Charge Cardle: YES
  • Input VoltageL: 100 - 240 V 50/ 60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 12 V DC 800 mA
  • Full Charge time: 26 hours
  • Quick Charge time: 75 minutes
  • Brush: Not only for your face but also your entire body
  • Waterproof Rating: IP7
  • Power: 3.6 W
  • Average amplitude:: 18000 times/ min

"I wasn't sure what to expect from this face brush, as I've tried a few of these Clarisonic-like devices before and some have been better than others. This one surprised me.
I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a wireless charging device. You just set the Fyola in the stand and it starts charging.
 There are 4 different cleaning settings: sensitive, pulse life massage, exfoliate and deep clean.Deep clean is a strong setting that works great for getting color-stay foundation makeup out of pours.
There is an included instruction manual but it's so easy to use. The Fyola works surprisingly well and is a great full sized face cleaner."

-Angela Streiff  Minnesota -

What is the purpose of Fyola Facial/Body brush?

The purpose of this brush is to slough off the dead cells (exfoliate) and to remove any dirt and grime that clings to the surface of the skin. Fyola Facial/BGody Brush is also a stimulator for the skin for a noticeable increase in blood-circulation and in the absorption of your skin

Can I use Fyola Facial/Body brush on sensitive skin?

Yes. You can select the mode that was designed especially for sensitive skin like yours. This mode was made to clean your skin gently, without harming it.

Can I use Fyola Facial/Body Brush in the water?

Yes. You can use Fyola Facial/Body Brush in the water because this product is fully waterproof. You can use this brush where convenient in shower or bath.

How does Fyola Facial/Body Brush works?

Fyola Facial/Body Brush product over 15,000 Rotation-Oscillations p/min. Fyola brush cleans and exfoliates your skin deeper.

When will I notice the first signs of improvement?

The first signs of improvement appear in 7 days.

Are there any side effects from using the Fyola Brush?

No. You may experiences some adverse changes to your skin condition after the first few days of using Fyola Facial/Body Brush. This is completely normal as your skin adjusts to the new cleansing method. This happens because the Fyola brush is slowly bringing up deep-rooted impurities from your pores into the surface of your skin.

How often should I be using the Fyola Facial/Body Brush?

You should use the Fyola Facial/Body Brush at least during 2-3 min per day to get better results

What ages is Fyola recommended for?

Fyola brush is intended for adults. Depending on the skin condition, some users may experience less significant results. Fyola brush is not suitable for use on children under the age of 14.

Can I use Fyola on all over my body?

Yes. Fyola Facial/Body Brush can be used in all over your body. This brush contains 2 replaceable heads: one for the body and one for the face.

How long does the battery last?

Each charge takes 75 minutes and lasts for approximately 3 weeks.

Can I use my own cream or lotion with Fyola Brush?

Yes. Fyola brush can be used with any kind of cleansing fluid or soap.