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ChiSoft® AcuNeck Neck Support

    Specially designed Trigger Points to melt away your tension heachaches
    Hands-free Acupuncture Points are perfect for home and office use
    Soothing relief and deep relaxation for your neck, shoulders, arms, back, and spine areas
  • BONUS ALL-IN-ONE: this device combines a foot/calf massager & a neck/lower back/upper back support into one portable device

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Quick Overview

Has work got you down? Has all those hours sitting on your desk, sofa, or car seat given you aches and pains that won't go away? Do you find yourself going home feeling too tired and in pain to spend enough “fun” time?


Welcome to the club!


Good news: Now you can have something that will make coming home an absolute joy. With the ChiSoft AcuNeck Tension Reliever, you can treat yourself to 10 minutes of relaxing, soothing, pain-relieving downtime... anytime, anywhere.


How the ChiSoft AcuNeck Melts Away Your Aches and Pains


The ChiSoft AcuNeck Tension Reliever combines the ancient art of acupressure with the modern science of physical therapy to restore the body's natural postures and alignments. The device is carefully shaped to restore the natural alignment of the neck and shoulders, which are all too often pushed out of alignment by prolonged sitting and a sedentary lifestyle.


With the ChiSoft AcuNeck Tension Reliever, you can lie down with it under your neck for 10 minutes, and immediately feel the pressure in your head, neck, and shoulders melt away. You'll rise refreshed and feeling better.


What's more, the AcuNeck's shape is also designed to restore the lower back to its original alignment. You can use it all day at your seat to keep your back straight and your mind alert, while letting its natural massaging sensation keep your stress levels low throughout the entire workday.


But that's not all. The ChiSoft AcuNeck Tension reliever can also help relieve pain in your feet, calves, forearms, upper arms, and shoulders. It's a simple, compact, complete go-to pain reliever that's perfect for use at home or in the office.


The Special Shape and Specially-Designed Trigger Points


The secret is in the AcuNeck's revolutionary design. Meticulously studied by an engineer and physical therapist, the curvature of the device conforms to the way nature designed our spines to curve, while giving enough support to release pressure from bones and joints.


Tension and pressure tends to build up in certain points of the body when it stays in certain positions for long periods of time. With the daily grind forcing us to spend more and more time sitting at our desks, driving our cars, and lounging in our sofas, pressure points very quickly get clogged with tension, leading to pain and discomfort.


The ChiSoft AcuNeck Tension Reliever uses tiny raised trigger points, which simulate the healing methods of acupressure and acupuncture to release tension and allow healing to take place.


The usual remedies can cost a lot. A massage costs at least $40 an hour, and regular sessions are necessary. Physical therapy costs even more, and can last several weeks. Even medication can have unexpected negative effects on health.


But with the ChiSoft AcuNeck Tension Reliever, you can enjoy quick, easy, and simple pain relief anytime you want, anywhere you want, at less than the cost of an hour of massage. Restore the balance in your body and let it heal itself, using nothing more than your seat, sofa, and bed, with the ChiSoft AcuNeck Tension Reliever.

NOW ONLY $19.00