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ChiSoft Back stretcher with Lumbar Suport

Are you having difficulty with your back? Would you like to a back massage?

◎Benefits of ChiSoft Back Stretcher
  • Helps Relaxe your tight muscles
  • Slightly massage your back
  • Passively stretch your back

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The ChiSoft Back Lumbar Support



NOW ONLY $42.00


  • Weight: 1lbs+ 14 oz
  • Average amplitude:: Level 1: Measures 5.7 cm (2.25") in height from the floor / Level 2: Measures 9.0 cm (3.54") in height from the floor / Level 3: Measures 11.0 cm (4.33") in height from the floor
  • Dimensions: 38.5 x 25.4 x 3.0 cm (15.6" x 10" x 1.18")

1. Sit with your back to the arch. Slowly lie back into the support arch with knees bent.

The wide end of the unit should be positioned close to the base of your spine so that the support arch support arch supports your lumbar region of your back. Try to center your spine in the slot that is designed cradle your spine and provide extra comfort.

2. Simple stretch position relax as much as possible and breathe normally. With your knees bent, rest your arms at your sides.

This position provides the least amount of stretch and is the easiest to do when starting out. If a greater stretch is desired, proceed to the following positions.

3. Moderate Stretch position

Raise your arms over your head and shoulders and rest them as close to the floor as you can for an additionsl stretch. In time it will become easier, and you may be able to extend your arms fully and rest your elbows comfortably on the floor.

4. Maximum Stretch Position

Extend your legs and arms fully, as shown in the photo. Remove the pillow from beneath your head for the maximum amount of stretch. Feel, your back, shoulder, chest and abdominal muscles stretching, and concentrate on relaxing as much as possible.

5. Roll off and recover

Remember, yuo have just had a major stretch and you should allow your blood to move back down from your head to your heart, otherwise you may become dizzy.