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Fyola Anti-Cellulite Gel + Free Massager

Try it today for a marvellously stunning appearance. The Fyola Anti-Cellulite Gel reduces the appearance of cellulite, while also stimulating and detoxifying.  For best results, use it with Anti-Cellulite Brush.

A perfect combination of Organic Arnica, Caffeine and Pumpkin Seed Oil giving you the best deep penetrating ingredients. A revolutionary product, the last one you will ever need!

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Only $19.00

Quick Overview

More than a 100 clinical trials completed over a period of 25 years have proven that massaging does have a great reduction effect on cellulite!  It aids in reducing not only the appearance, but moreover reduces the fatty tissue within the area treated.

For an absolute stunning appearance try the Fyola Anti-Cellulite Gel and massager.  You can detox, stimulate as well as reduce cellulite with this revolutionary product from Fyola.  Created from superior ingredients, mixed to perfection, this Anti-Cellulite Gel is revolutionizing the slimming industry.

Just the right amount of Organic Arnica, Pumpkin Seed Oil and Caffeine have been combined for the ultimate fat fighting product.  The products infused here allows for deep penetration of the fat layers beneath the sink, working from within.

Due to the deep, effective penetration of the dermal layers, you are left with a smooth, well-toned skin surface.  The active ingredients included with the Fyola Anti-Cellulite Gel, systematically work together removing all toxins from your body.

You can get that desired silky smooth, firm body in as little as twenty minutes use a day!

The Fyola Anti-Cellulite Gel can be used over the entire body, the abdomen, legs, arms, thighs, buttocks and even the hips.  The MSM and Grapefruit Extracts added gives this gel an additional boost to work deeper, with great results.

Fighting off every little sign of fat can be quite time consuming, this groundbreaking product allows you freedom, making your time your own!  The effects has been proven, what more can one ask for?  This gel reduces fatty deposits, replenishes the skin leaving you with a smooth firm appearance.

Massaging aids by increasing blood flow, this in turn reduces and removes toxins along with fluids build ups, in cellulite prone areas of your body.  You will have a tightened, toned, firm skin that looks years younger.

There are numerous benefits to be found with the Fyola Anti-Cellulite Gel!

  • Improve your blood circulation
  • The ingredients is vital for a firmer, tight skin
  • This product penetrates and restructures the cells
  • You can remove all impurities and deep cleans your skin effectively
  • Organic Arnica is proven to dissolve fat cells along with toxic build-ups
  • Your skins texture will feel firmer, but also softer and tighter
  • Astounding results are being seen with the MSM added, as they drive through to deeply penetrate the cells and clearing toxic build-up
  • The firming plus restructuring process is also aided by multiple variety of other added ingredients, such as aloe vera, ginger and papaya
  • Dead Sea concentrates have been added to assist with the detoxifying of your system
  • Pink Grapefruit has been added, as studies have proven its effectiveness in liquefying cellulite


Have you lingered in front of the mirror, wishing for a slimmer body, firmer skin tone? 

No need, with this transforming creation, you can have the picture-perfect body!

The Fyola Anti-Cellulite Gel also contains Retinol or otherwise known as Vitamin A, this is due to its power to normalize the skin.  It will aid by inducing the natural level of collagen while also increasing the skins elasticity. 


Use the Fyola Anti-Cellulite Gel for a perfectly healthy cellulite free body!

You too can have a body to be admired and desired.  For a flawless skin tone accompanied by a luxurious smooth, glowing appeal.  This product is made within the USA, it is free from testing on animals and contains NO harsh chemicals.  This gel comes with a massage brush for ease of use.

Consider all the information you have received.  Are you still wondering? 

With this marvelous product you can be assured of a great looking body.  Get your trusted Fyola Anti-Cellulite Gel today and avoid any disappointment.  Medical treatment will cost you thousands of dollars, this reliable product will not break the bank!  All customers that have purchased this product up until now, has only commended it on all of its capabilities, but moreover on delivering perfection.

NOW ONLY $19.00

Safety Information


  • 1. Keep out of reach of children.
  • 2. Store in a cool, dry area.



  • Great for relief from cellulite build-up.
  • Thighs buttocks, abdomen, and arms will all respond in as little as twenty minutes to achieve what every woman wants… Lift, firmness, tone, and sleek lines.



  • After cleansing with the Exfoliating Body Wash, apply Anti-Cellulite Gel to entire area you want to treat. 
  • Massage with brush for approximately 30 minutes, until all gel is absorbed.  Use in circular movements for best results. 
  • Apply pressure as is found to be comfortable for you.  It is recommended to use the gel and massager twice daily.  For best results, follow with Anti-Cellulite Lotion.

Here Are Some of the Best Ingredients of the Fyola Anti-Cellulite Cream!

With only the best ingredients this product can deliver a tight and firm skin.  It penetrates deep into the cells where restructuring then takes place.  It dissolves fat cells filled with toxic cellulite with the use of Organic Arnica.

  • Dead Sea concentrates aids in the detoxifying process
  • MSM drives through, penetrating the cells deeply for remarkable results.  
  • Pink Grapefruit added is also proven to aid in liquefying the cellulite build-up.

Many extra ingredients such as retinol, ginger, papaya, aloe vera and more is added to assist in the firming and restructuring of the skin.