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Fyola Facial Machine - Renew Your Skin 30 Days

When you look into the mirror, do you see lines and wrinkles that simply weren’t there before? What about those annoying pimples? Facial machine is the answer to smooth, young, healthy looking skin.

Benefits of the Fyola Facial Machine 

  • Reduce Wrinkles and fine lines

  • Remove old cuticle

  • Clean deeply your pores

  • Enhance absorption of moisture & nutrition

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Quick Overview

Your Answer to Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Give Yourself A Non Surgical Facelift with Fyola Galvanic Facial Machine. Years of research have led up to the Fyola Facial Massager with a state-of-the-art futuristic design combined with incomparable durability made effective by a protective UV coating. Men and women will appreciate the wonderful effects of a relaxing facial in the privacy of your own home!

With the galvanic ion, these lotions and nutritional products can now penetrate deep into these stubborn layers of skin to bring the nutrients where they are needed most, and where they are most effective.

Enjoy A Professional Spa Treatment without Spending Thousands of Dollars.

There’s no need to spend obscene amounts of money at your local beauty salon for the newest ultrasound machines to work away these blemishes. You can enjoy a professional facial machine in the comfort of your own home!


fyola facial massager review


How To Use Fyola Facial Massager?



Recommended by Dermatologist Dr Khan

"I recommend using the 'Fyola Skin Food Toner Gel’ with the Fyola Lite device to achieve maximum benefit and deliver vital nutrients found in the Fyola Tonger Gel to the deeper layers of the skin.’

I have carefully reviewed all the ingredients of Fyola Skin Food (toner gel). This water based gel contains a rich cocktail of organic ingredients and it's benefical for all skin types.

Used in conjunction with the Fyola beauty device which uses tri-phasic scientifically proven time tested technology in treating skin and achieving rejuvenation, Fyola Skin Food will offer a rich cocktail of actives to the skin where they are needed most."

By Dr.Ansul Khan MSc (Dermatological Sciences), Anti-Aging (Paris), Arizona, USA

Why Anti-Aging Cream Alone Does NOT Work For Your Skin?

You’ve heard the information through slick advertising campaigns and informative reports for years that anti-aging creams and lotions work wonders for your skin, but what they don’t tell you is that it doesn’t actually benefit your skin at all. Skin has a natural barrier that blocks important nutrients, such as Vitamin-C rich lotions. This important barrier prevents these high-end lotions from actually penetrating the skin. 

That’s why you can use all those expensive skin care products and still not see any results. But there is a solution!

What Is So Special About Galvanic Technology of Fyola?

  • The Fyola Lite Facial Machine is specially designed to maximize the skin’s ability to absorb the nourishment it needs to revive and achieve that youthful, healthy glow. The secret lies with the Galvanic Ion.

  • The Fyola Lite Facial Machine uses galvanic ions to stimulate the skin cells and achieve an incredible revival effect. The skin care products that you use everyday deserve a chance to penetrate the skin and work their magic, yet most of these products simply don’t have the capability to reach deep into the many different layers of skin.

  • With the galvanic ion, these lotions and nutritional products can now penetrate deep into these stubborn layers of skin to bring the nutrients where they are needed most, and where they are most effective.


                  fyola utrasound skin therapy                                        ultrasonic skin

How Does The Fyola Lite Facial Machine Differ From Other Products?

It stimulates the muscles and pores in the skin and helps deliver the essential nutrients your skin needs. It is the only patented beauty machine in the world that uses both galvanic ion and ultrasound technology to achieve the best results!

Facial Products are the following behind-the-scenes advantages over its competition, including:

  •     Clinical Results
  •     Dermatologist recommended

How effective is the Fyola Lite Facial Machine?

The Fyola Lite Facial Machine doesn’t rest on the promises it makes, or even the thousands of satisfied customers around the world. It continues to promote its benefits to the leaders in the industry and has earned world wide recognition:

There really isn’t a better product available that will help revitalize your skin and allow you to look and feel younger. The Facial Machine is a one of a kind product with a money back guarantee!

It’s an amazing product that is a must for anyone who wants to have younger, healthier looking skin or to clear up acne. For just $99.00, you’ll receive Fyola Lite Facial Machine!

Order Yours Today!

Yours in Health and Beauty!

NOW ONLY $49.00

  • Battery: 3V DC, 2 x AA batteries
  • Size: 39 x 198 mm
  • Lightweight: easy to carry and can be used anytime and in any place
  • Frequency: 1 Mhz
    "I received my Fyola Lite a couple of weeks ago, and following the recommended use set out in the user manual, have been using it every second day.  Even after just 2 uses, the texture of my skin looked amazing – way more hydrated, plump and glowing.  It literally appeared as if 2 years had been wiped off my face. 

    I have used the device 7 times now, and the texture of my skin has never looked better.  I am nearing 40, so am getting a little bit of soft jowling happening around the bottom part of my face.  Whilst I’m not expecting the Fyola Lite will create the effect of a face/thread lift, it has certainly given a little lifting effect. 

    I’m keen to see the results over time with continued use.  Even though it feels like nothing’s been happening when I’ve used it, it’s amazing how right after I switch it off, my face feels baby smooth (as if I’ve had a peel/microdermabrasion), and then the next day, my skin texture has improved again.  It’s quite bizarre, as I could swear nothing is happening when it’s switched on! 

    Sometimes the day after I’ve used the Fyola Lite, I have noticed a dull ache in my cheek muscles, which all I can put down to (no other factors in my life have changed) is the mini muscle work-out my face muscles are getting from the micro current in the galvanic setting. 

    I use all 3 settings together, as I find it’s just quicker to do my whole face that way.  As I said, this device doesn’t produce miracles or the effects of surgery, but for the reasonable price and results gained after just 2 weeks of use, I’m quite impressed and would highly recommend this product to women of all ages.  I’m looking forward to seeing the effects after another 2-3 months of use. "
    -C. McKinnon, New Zealand-
    "I received the unit for a present from my family. I have used it three times this week. It has an easy and comfortable fit in my hand. I can already see and feel a difference in my skin. I am eager to see the results in my skin after a couple of weeks.

    I, also, used it on my hands and could see, and feel a difference.

    After the second use, I had several questions and contacted your Costumer Service Department. I requested to be contacted by phone. The next day your Costumer Service Representative responded. He was very nice, helpful, and explantatory. He made me feel very comfortable in calling again if I needed to.

    It will be my pleasure to recommend this machine to anyone. Thank you"

    -Edwina N., Georgia-

    "I am satisfied with The massager. It is very easy to use. I use it with all my skin cream. The skin appearance improved, looks smoother and pores less noticeable. The contour is less sagging also. But you have to use it regularly 2 to 3 times a week "

    -Sirinong R., Columbia, Tennessee-

    "Facial Massager is one of the best devices I have ever used."

    -Catherine, Singapore-

    "I received Facial Massager from you, product works great! Portable and easy to use. I like the small bag for the massager. Nice packaging."

    -Barbara, Florida-

    "The product works good. Service was really quick and helpful"

    -Francisco, Murrieta , California-

    "l and everybody notices the dramatic change thanks to this machine.... I have received a lot of support from customer service and immediately answers my questions about the operation. Thank you all. Great service... customer service is quick to answer all my questions"

    -Mary, La Jolla, California-

    "The Facial Massager replaces my monthly facials. I like the lifting function as I can feel the effect the following day. It is really convenient to have Facial Massager within my reach. Daily facials are now possible at much lower cost"

    -Jacqueline, New York, New York-

    "My wife bought your Face Massager to tighten her skin. She told me that it can also be used to reduce eye-sack. Since I am working at night shifts, I had this eye sack for a long time. After using this for 2 weeks, my eye-sack was reduced. It's great product"

    -Antony, San Diego, California-

    How does Fyola compare to In Spa Treatments?

    Fyola uses technologies provided in spas to offer your skin the best treatment. Each one of these technologies (Galvanic – Ultrasonic – Photon LED) is recommended by dermatologists and can be offered through a particular facial treatment in spas and beauty salons. 

    The Fyola facial massager makes the difference by offering these three treatments in only one innovative device, allowing you to chose the best for your skin or a combination of the technologies if wanted. 


    When will I notice the first signs of improvement?

    Some users feel that the skin has greater elasticity after the first use and begin seeing results in as little as two weeks. Most users will see results in 30 days. Results will vary.


    How long should I be using the Fyola Lite Massager for the full treatment course?

    We recommend you to follow our 30 Day Skin Workout planning for the first month of your treatment. Once this intensive workout is done, you can reproduce the treatment of the week 5. This treatment is softer and specially created to keep your skin hydrated and smooth along the days.


    Are there any side effects from using the Fyola Lite Massager?

    There are no known side effects from the proper use of Fyola Lite Massager. We advise against deviating from the Fyola manual as the results may be untested.


    I’ve recently undergone an anti-aging treatment from a doctor. When can I start using Fyola?

    Fyola facial massager is safe and non invasive. You can start using it right after receiving it. If your doctor doesn’t recommend the use of ultrasound right away, you can still begin with a photon treatment, which is gentle and helps repair your skin thanks to its red light.


    I don’t feel the massager working. Is this normal?

    Despite being called a facial massager, you won’t experience physical vibrations from Fyola LITE massager when it is on galvanic or photon. However, you may experience some minor vibration from the Ultrasonic mode: a way to clearly see vibrations of the ultrasound waves is to put some water on the head of the device.


    How often should I be using the Fyola Lite massager?

    We suggest that Fyola be used at least once a week with a maximum of no more than four times.


    What ages is Fyola recommended for?

    Fyola is intended for adults. Depending on the skin condition, younger users may experience less significant results. Fyola should be kept away from children.


    Can I use Fyola on my body?

    Fyola is specially designed for face skin, which is more sensitive. However it has great results on hands, as the skin of the back of the hand is very thin and fragile.


    What kind of batteries does the Fyola Lite massager take?

    The Fyola facial massager is using 2 batteries AA. You can easily find these batteries in malls; we recommend you the use of rechargeable batteries.

    Can I use my own cream or lotion with Fyola Lite?

    Fyola Lite needs to be used with a gel-based lotion – as Fyola Skinfood Gel. Serums and creams do not create that thin contact layer between the device and machine that is needed for ions to be pushed in. However we recommend you to continue your daily skin care routine.