Relieve Neck Spasms and Neck Pain In A Safe Way

Relieve Neck Spasms and Neck Pain In A Safe Way

Causes of Neck Spasm and Neck Pain

Neck muscle spasm is a painful contraction of the muscles in your neck. It may also be referred to as a cramp. Neck spasms can be caused by an injury, stress, poor posture, or even an unpleasant night of sleep.

The answer to these problems is to perform some exercises that are specifically created by medical professionals to help relieve some of these pains. Physical therapy is a natural way of practicing some good exercises. These exercises preformed by your physical therapist will help you improve the posture and prevent neck spasm in the future.

Top 4 Natural Remedies To Relieve Neck Spasm

Here are some natural home remedies to help relieve neck spasm

1. Neck traction therapy

Neck traction is one of the most popular to treat neck related problems by Chiropractors. You can now treat neck spasm, pinched nerve or cervical disc degeneration with a home neck traction device.

2. Heat Therapy

It’s well known that heat can help relieve the pain. The easiest way to is to put cloth in with warm water and hold it on your neck for about twenty minutes. Sometimes a hot bath or shower can soothe your muscles as well.

If you need a more effective heat therapy try a microwave-heating pad. There are U-shape heating pads available that fit perfectly around the neck. >> Click here to read more about this Heating Pad

3. Stretching Exercises
This may be the best treatment for the spasm, and you may want to try some simple neck exercises first. When doing those exercises, always perform them gradually and slowly. Inhale and exhale deeply while doing those movements

4. Massage
For best result and to avoid the risk of worsening your neck spasm, visit a professional massage therapist who can find the right spot in your neck and give you instant relief. If you cannot afford to visit a massage therapist, ask a friend or family member to massage the tight muscles in your neck

How to Prevent Neck Pain?

The majority of neck pain is due to poor posture. A simple way of improving your body posture by sitting or standing up straight can solve your neck spasms and neck pain from occurring. The best way of dealing with neck pain is to prevent it from happening. Which involves having a well develop exercise routine to improve your body posture and strengthen your muscles.

The slouch in your body posture is the result of lacking a strong mid torso muscle group found in-between your shoulders and chest. By increasing your muscles strength within these targeted areas can aide to ending the cause of the neck pain. Firstly we suggest start by strengthening the bare muscle of the shoulders.

The Perfect Neck Pain Routine

  • Shoulders Exercise - Shoulders exercise is use to add strength to arms, back and chest. This simple movement is a strong back workout, which relieves the neck pain when done correctly. Start, with some dumb bells that you can carry easily.

    The weight recommended would be from 10 lbs to 15 lbs. When sitting down in a bench horizontal to the ground, begin with the dumb bells in each hand on either side of you. Elbows need to be horizontal to the ground. Once you are in this position begin pushing upwards above your head until the dumb bells come into contact with each other. Bring them down gently, and repeat for about 15 to 25 reps.
  • Neck Exercise (The Foundation) - In this exercise you are going to perform shrubs. Find some heavy weights usually something in the 20 lbs to 30 lbs, to begin. Hold each one of them in your hands when standing up straight. With the weights will each hand in front of you slightly lean forward. Lift your shoulders gently up and slowly bring them down. Repeat this exercise 15 to 25 rep per 4 sessions. This will build a strong neck and shoulders.
  • Back Exercise - In order to work out the whole back we suggest trying the "row" exercise. This is done when seated in a machine, which has a pulley cable (located in front of you) enabling you to pull the weight towards you. Extend your arms and slowly pull the weight in towards your chest. When returning, release your arms slowly into the starting position. Repeat this exercise 15 to 25 rep per 4 sessions. This will build the core of your posture.

By adopting these exercises you can assure yourself a well develop neck structure. This will get rid of your neck spasm or neck pain. Improving your body posture helps prevent arthritis neck pain.

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